Stressing about your work/life balance?

Jun 22, 2023 | Practice News

At SOS Bookkeeping, we know that trying to get perfect the work/life balance can be a cause of stress in itself. If you are feeling the strain of building your business and maintaining your life the good news is that stress and a productive existence can go hand in hand. Be mindful and you can find the balance that’s best for you.

How much stress is good for you?

The Yerkes-Dodson law shows that an individual’s performance increases with stress (arousal) until cortisol levels get too high and then decreases again just as sharply – the secret is to stop your stress levels sending you down the other side of the bell curve. How much is too much varies for everyone but by understanding and managing your stress levels you can use them for good.

How to manage your stress

  • Take Control – Feeling in control can decrease stress from negative levels by presenting the stress causes as surmountable challenges. Get a handle on your project, your tasks or your day by breaking them down into achievable goals and making choices about what to prioritise

  • Get positive – Your perception of your stress is important, rather than leading to panic and inertia recognise the first quickening of your heart rate calmly as powerful, making you more alert and capable

  • Connect – Social support reduces stress so good relationships within a team and the wider office environment make everyone more resilient to stress

  • Exercise – A good workout reduces bad stress and is good for the brain as well as the heart and lungs.

  • Sleep – Poor sleep is bad for stress levels and health so be disciplined about getting a good night’s rest, being exhausted will increase susceptibility to further stress and damage productivity.

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